Noccio Cream Classic 250g


Noccio Cream Classic.

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Noccio Cream Classic

Our classic spread is an unsurpassed, soft, completely handmade product. Our creams are crafted from fine cocoa beans and 60% hazelnuts from our territory. We use limited and well calculated ingredients with the intention of highlighting the intense natural flavors and aromas of the hazelnuts and cocoa. The masterful combination results in delectable cream with a smooth and silky consistency. Our spreads do not contain preservatives or added vegetable fats, the only fats present are those naturally contained in cocoa beans and hazelnuts. Made according to the best artisan traditions, it guarantees an unforgettable experience.



Gross Weight: 420g (14.81 OZ).

Net Weight: 250g (8.81 OZ).



Hazelnut, Sugar, Cocoa Butter, Cocoa Mass, Low-fat milk powder (3%), soy lecithin, vanilla.



Contains milk, hazelnuts and may contain traces of other nuts.


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Weight 420 g
Dimensions 5,5 × 18 cm
Type of chocolate



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