70% Sur del Lago Chocolate Bar


70% Sur del Lago Chocolate Bar.

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70% Sur del Lago Chocolate Bar

70% Sur del Lago Chocolate Bar, it’s artisan chocolate bars crafted from cocoa ‘Sur del Lago’ grown in the fertile lands south of Lago de Maracaibo, Venezuela.

The delicate and aromatic quality derives from the hybrid formulation of both Trinitario and Criollo cocoa. The complexity found in this delightful seed is characteristic of the predominant Criollo cocoa. Aided in part by the historic quality of Criollo cocoa, expressing the absence of polyphenols and a low level of acidity, in each bite you can appreciate a sensory explosion of astringency and balance, with delicate textures and gentle yet complex flavors.



Gross Weight: 84 g (2.96 OZ).

Net Weight: 70g (2.46 OZ).



Cocoa beans, cane sugar, cocoa butter, salt.



It may contain traces of milk, nuts and soy lecithin.


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Weight 84 g
Dimensions 10,50 × 10,50 × 1,00 cm
Type of chocolate



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