70% Carenero Superior Chocolate Bar


70% Carenero Superior Chocolate Bar.

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70% Carenero Superior Chocolate Bar

Chocolate bar made from “Cacao Carenero Superior”, cultivated in the Barlovento area of Venezuela. The fine cocoa of this region is distinguished by its mix between Trinitarios, Forasteros and Criollo. Due to the smooth fermentation process, the characteristics of the Criollo cocoa stand out. This cocoa offers an intense full palate experience characterized by a balance between sweet and sour. It maintains low levels of acidity, and a complementary aroma in which fruity and floral notes are predominant.


Gross Weight: 84 g (2.96 OZ).

Net Weight: 70g (2.46 OZ).


Cocoa beans (cocoa), cane sugar, cocoa butter, salt.


It may contain traces of milk, nuts and soy lecithin.


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Weight 84 g
Dimensions 10,50 × 10,50 × 1,00 cm
Type of chocolate



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