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Tableta de chocolate

Tablet composed of a delicate selection of fine cocoa beans. Handcrafted product

Our artisan recipe for Gianduiotti chocolates brings to life two of its best variations: the classic milk gianduiotto and the dark gianduiotto. Both are the result of a balanced combination of fine cocoa beans, Piemonte hazelnuts and natural vanilla, together obtaining an extraordinary balance of intense flavors.


Noccio Cream

Our spreadable cream is an unbeatable product brought to you in two different forms: the classic soft cream and the intense dark cream. Completely handmade, our creams are crafted from fine cocoa beans and 60% hazelnuts.

Following the wisdom of the artisan tradition, we present the delicious gianduia chocolate bars with whole roasted hazelnuts.

Barrette Gianduia

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