About us

Our story starts at the dawn of the 50s of the last century thanks to the initiative of my parents who, while emigrating to Venezuela, seized the opportunities that a country so rich at the time offered and where the geomorphological and environmental characteristics were primed for the cultivation and processing of best qualities of cocoa. Although dedicated to engineering, the countless business trips, gave me the opportunity to find, in the Paria Peninsula, huge hectares of land cultivated with the prized cocoa. In this way, starting from the year 2000, the passion for the precious fruit and consequently for chocolate awakened in me.

The advent of the new millennium has brought new challenges to my professional and personal life and which have brought me, together with my family, back to Italy. Once back, I continued to deepen my passion for chocolate, but I needed to be in contact with a reality that suited my needs, and after careful research, I made the decision to go to Piedmont, a land of long artisan chocolate tradition, where I was lucky enough to learn the knowledge and techniques of the master chocolatiers for the creation of a very fine, high quality chocolate, an excellent product of a perfect blend of fine cocoa from the world and the Italian chocolate culture.

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